Hello welcome! I’m chuffed to bits you are here!


I thought the cheery pup above who welcomed Joel and I into his garden, was perfect to welcome you here! (there’s a post about his human’s lovely open gardens, in the Southern Highlands coming soon)



Hello there! I am excited you are reading this, so thank you. First posts are very nerve-raking to write, in fact probably the only thing I will find comfort in as I ‘press post’, is that probably only my mum will read it. (hi mum!)

I’m Bec, twenty-something, illustrator, calligrapher and creative. I live with my husband Joel and our mini dachshund Oliver. Joel and I would have thrived in times gone by before the inter web and TV, we love nothing more then a lovely walk, cozy night in, boardgames and anything vintage, we are old souls. I am a total home bod and I love all things to do with the home – interior decor, craft, sewing, DIY, gardening, baking. You can find out more about me and what to expect on my about page.


I run a small business Berry and Peg, named after my grandparents, I illustrate gift cards, maps for tourists and weddings and stationery suites for weddings. I LOVE it. I am never happier then when sitting in my light studio, Oliver at my feet, puddling around with my water colours.I love reading and researching, I spend hours poring over books and resources trying to find the best way to do something. So I figured why not share this information, and illustrate it with pretty watercolours and photographs to make you smile. I just think this is a lovely way to do what I love and share it.

So come back for a visit to my little spot on the inter-web for all things nostalgic & creative, to learn new skills and find the odd fact to make you smile. Feel free to share any tidbits you might know too, usually the ones you learn from your grandma are best. I truly love finding out about new things, books, recipes, shows, ideas, crafts, anything really etc.

Thanks for stopping by. Chat soon!

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  1. Oh my! I am so pleased that I found this! I can’t wait to see all your adventures with adorable Oliver! I have two dachshund crosses with people names too! It’s so lovely when you find a like-minded person 🙂

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