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Berry and Peg has been very lucky to create wedding maps for some stunning wedding locations. I love how hand illustration allows me to see how my style is developing, and my skills I now do the calligraphy by hand as well and am pleased to add it to the list of services I offer. Here are a few of my first maps

The very first map I created was for my own wedding in Maleny



Next I illustrated an invitation set for some friends of mine, and I was hooked. The invitation opened into the centre with a sense of occasion, and the simple kraft card with ink illustration matched their rustic country wedding perfectly.




australian-wedding-invitationI set up my etsy store and got a real thrill with my first order. (actually if I’m honest I still get a little giddy rush when I see I’ve made a sale) Here are a sample of my first official maps, one for a lovely lady in Melbourne and another all the way from Syracuse in USA! Eek!



I love discovering and dreaming of new places through my brides weddings! And I am so excited for more to come. Feel free to email me if your interested and keep an eye out for posts of more recent work.



2 thoughts on “Wedding maps

  1. Oh, IF ONLY! I neeeeeded these for my wedding. We were married at a historic hotel in San Diego, California, and the place was like a gorgeous maze from which there was no escape. (I fear my poor Mother in Law still hasn’t forgiven me for how lost she was that day!) In any case, these are brilliant and so beautifully done. Every bride needs this!

    1. Hi Laura! how beautiful, my husband and I only spent a day in san diego, but I wish we had longer, I had no idea so many beautiful buildings were there! I create maps for all over the world, I have done them for New York, London, even the Ukraine! Which hotel was it, and I will have a sneaky peak xx

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