Watercolour wedding maps



My most precious books from childhood, are those with a detailed map at the front, illustrating the woods, mountains and rivers that lead to busy towns full of characters or far away lands the story will illuminate for us in good time. There is something nostalgic and imaginative about them, it makes you excited to visit the places in your mind over the next few pages.


In real life I love the traditional map markings and symbols, I’d like to a better orienteer, able to follow the wind direction because I know it leads to the sea or something like that. Unfortunately I do not have an innate sense of direction, my husband will attest I have quite the opposite. (But let’s not dwell on that). Luckily I also love painting maps, and I can do this from the safety of my little studio in my own garden. So that is what I started Berry & Peg to do.


To tell stories through maps, for weddings they let us know where we should be and when, in the garden, mud maps explain the different plants we have planted and of course maps can be whimsically painted to remind us where we have travelled.


This was one of my first illustrated maps below, so it always has a special place in my heart.


Hand painted dreamy watercolour maps herald the personal style of your wedding and the flourishes of hand calligraphy are reminiscent of the mesmerising glamour and elegance of bygone eras.

Weddings come but once in a lifetime, we  all take so much effort finding the perfect spot for our weddings, so why not celebrate our idyllic location with a personal keepsake. And even better a lovely keepsake that is also helpful for our guests and makes them anticipate our big day almost as much as us…what more can a girl want? This  is the sort of tangible wedding stationery family and friends love to cherish, in their shoe boxes full of treasures, that help them remember the important people and events of their lives.


On a slightly less whimsical note wedding maps can be joined with accommodation lists to help you guests from out of town. It is a smart idea, there is nothing worse in the weeks leading up to your wedding than panicked guests calling for hotel options. A relaxed bride this does not make!

I love nothing more then working together with lovely couples to create something that is bespoke to them, that says something about who they are and what they love. Whether you want an elegant washed watercolour map with gorgeous details of the historical building of your ceremony, a quirky city street map or a country map with bunting gracing the edges, I can design something just for you.



I have also created maps for people who want something special for a gift, I paint their favourite holiday road trip or a lovely weekend away.

To be honest I am really hoping to get to paint my own little road trip back through the Hunter Valley to Sydney and beyond to the Southern Highlands, maybe I will and practise my goal visualisation to make it happen…hmmm.

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