Stages of our build

slab is down

Our house has risen in a whirlwind I have been visiting most days, I am sure my builders think I am a little over enthusiastic about the whole thing. I stop in and admire their work like it is the first time I have seen architrave.


building a house

We have been taking photos to document the process and forcing tours on any friend foolish enough to ask how the build is going. We even had a celebratory picnic with friends, because I am never one to shy away from an opportunity for cake.

lock up stage

As you can see Joel and I are eager to get cooking in that kitchen. We have had a really positive experience so far with Stylemaster homes, our building manager Dave has been so helpful and on the ball. He calls us the moment there is a problem, and gives us the options. If we have a suggestion to resolve a problem that won’t work, he doesn’t just say nope can’t do it and brush you off, he explains to us why, which is really important.


Watching the finishes we have chosen be installed is so exciting, like seeing our visions appear before our eyes.


4 thoughts on “Stages of our build

    1. Thanks Ashlea I should be popping a post up on the build on Monday next week! We are in the final stages and I am packing like mad and planning all the gardening to be done! We get the keys on the 12th! Eek, suddenly it all seems a little sudden!

  1. What a massive job is the amazing website… and a delightful insight into your favorite things – one of which is one of my favorite things too – the boy in the black thongs. Beautiful feet!

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