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Rebecca eddison

This is a place for people who want to appreciate life and all it’s pleasures. It is for those of us born curious, creatives, life’s observers, vintage lovers, gardeners, people with shoe boxes full of treasures and memories under the bed, bakers, readers, decorators, explorers, eaters, meanderers, collectors, and people who love to have a giggle.

Greetings! I’m Bec, illustrator, calligrapher, designer behind Berry and Peg Stationery, which I started after completing my art and design degree. Now I live in a little house with a yellow door by the bay with my lovely husband Joel and our miniature dachshund Oliver. I run Berry and Peg, a small hand crafted business specialising in calligraphy and watercolour illustrations. I mainly create maps, gift cards, goodies for weddings and events. Berry and Peg is all about celebrating life’s milestones, taking the time to live well and live creatively. I think it is the small pleasures in life that add up to a great one, you only live once so it seems a pity not to be surrounded by meaningful treasures and to use the good china everyday.I love scouring local markets and vintage shops for plunder to decorate my home, hand made lovelies, Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, crafting, imagining, beautiful books & stationery, baking, history, the green country side, architecture, and travel. I’m a complete nerdy burger, intrigued by history and origins of traditions or objects. I truly believe if we want a better today we only need to look to the traditions and skills of yesteryear.  This blog is my scrapbook of things I have learnt, found, or been inspired by, to share with like minded people with a love of learning and life, it seemed a waste to put all my nerdy research skills to waste.

My childhood home was full of pottering about the garden, reading beautiful storybooks, family days out, big loud belly laughs and silliness. This probably accounts for my overactive, rose tinted imagination, and subsequent habit of giving human-like characteristics and in depth narratives to the things/cars/animals that surround me. I was one of those children who would whisper to my toys, pledging allegiance and promising secrecy if they were to let me know they actually could talk. I remain convinced the moment I close my front door a mini party ensues.

So let’s celebrate slowing down, getting back to basics, appreciating what we have now and making the most of where we live. Often I find myself wanderlusting over foreign destinations, but if you are mindful and look around your town you will find a lot to be getting on with.

This blog/website is best served with a hot mug of tea and some cake.


This is the Oliver. A six year old miniature dachshund, foodie, blanket enthusiast, with a penchant for sun baking and strong advocate of stranger danger awareness.

He has a big heart for his tiny body, and toddles around after me most days, or if I look particularly busy, will try to weasel his way onto my lap.

He refuses to believe this makes it more difficult to paint.

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  1. What a delightful little website! Just reading through the content made me smile, want a piece of cake and to cuddle a puppy 🙂 when and if I ever get married I would love to have some handmade invites such as these- absolutely stunning.

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