Rosie’s Christmas Oops Christmas card


Our next christmas tale and illustration has been inspired by my friend Emily’s pup Rosie. She is a beautiful black labrador, winner of happiest tail award and complete clutz. Watching her try to navigate the polished wood floors of her classic Queenslander home is hilarious. But soon she will be three and is planning to work on her elegant stride, so we will reserve judgement.




She has also been um, blessed, with the appetite of a labrador, never one the shy away from seconds at a party. I feel a Gingerbread village would be her idea of christmas bliss! She admires the curly whirly frosting decorating the local church and dances around the sugared streets catching christmas snowflakes. But, oh… she seems to have forgotten her manners and eaten the village hall roof without the proper planning permission. Oops.


So now she has been turned into a christmas card for you to enjoy, I think we all have a dog in our lives who would trample their mothers for an extra slice of toast. While their oblivious tails gleefully waggle at the back. In a world full of screens, find the joy of taking time to handwrite a personal christmas card for someone you love. You can buy your christmas cards here.