Roaring 20s Murder mystery party


Roaring 20s Murder mystery party

Want to celebrate in style? Then a 1920s Great Gatsby inspired murder mystery evening is just the ticket. It works well for people who have many disparate friends and family because everyone is given a role so the ice is easily broken, there are games for every size group from 4 to 25 people. You will all be chortling away like a pack of dapper chaps in no time.


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We did just this for my little sisters 21st birthday, she visited to find a scenario to purchase and just chose one of the 1920s games for flappers.

They have a range of different genres, eras, costumes and all manner of things to choose from, so there is something to suit everyone. Then simply purchase your package, and print off the character profiles to pop into your invitations to your friends. The package also includes audio files and a map of the manor house your mystery is set in.







Francesca from Frankie Lane made beautiful invitations, name tags and even a gorgeous ceramic cake topper of a flapper mid-shimmy, check out more of her work here.



Then we set about setting the scene for our vintage inspired party, we collected sweet blooms from the garden to fill our cut crystal vases and silver teapots as bunting hung merrily overhead.




Hand sewn hearts sat on each vintage place setting with the characters name tied on with brown string.







It is a great chance to raid your antique cabinet and give them an outing for once. Or there are many china hiring places available, so find one near you. These woodland inspired servers were bought by my grandpa in 1973 in the Black Forest in Germany. Magic!


Next consideration was how to adorn ourselves, for great gatsby style glamour think elaborate beading, headdresses, feathers and flapper dresses for the girls. While the boys wear bow ties, vests and give their best shoes a good shine. A perfect place to look is at vintage stores, or the dress below is Forever New, who always have beautiful clothes.




Everyone was very sporting in dressing up and so enthusiastic to find to one who did it. We collected all our best china and had a proper 1920’s style dinner party, with dad and I on serving duty as head butler and waitress for the evening, bustling about getting drinks. It all made it so much more authentic.



So gather keen family and friends, grab a murder mystery package online and threaten your friends with disownment if they even consider rolling up sans costume.

I have seen one that is set in an English country garden which I think will be the next one we do, my mind is feverishly planning doily decorations though out the garden. Seems like an even better reason to get started on this garden of ours, but more on that in my next post!

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