Oliver VS the Festive Scarf


I love receiving handmade items at christmas, so I always want to recreate that magic for my friends, some creative endeavours admittedly have been more successful than others. My christmas cookies last year; big hit, but the hand sewn items I lovingly made had a certain, e-hem, ‘rustic charm’. I have a sneaky suspicion they were gushed over politely, before being popped away at the back of the cupboard. Not that I can blame them, I am rather new to sewing and truthfully whilst sewn with love and the best intentions, they were rather crummy. I haven’t, for instance, seen Sarah in her embroidered ‘Sarahlicious’ apron, but this is probably just her being prudent about fire safety, threads dangling about near the ovens probably is a recipe for disaster.

But practise makes perfect and I know they love the time and effort I put into their gifts and hopefully by Christmas 2026 my friends will be able to appreciate the great lengths I have gone to for festive cheer AND actually use what I have made them.


I also love giving hand illustrated christmas cards, so this year I have made a ‘Man’s Best friend’ Collection for Berry and Peg. It has been inspired by the funny quirks of our pups, their waggy tails, and cheery dispositions just seemed perfect for heralding christmas.

I am rather guilty of anthropomorphising any animal I see, before long I have named them and given them a set of quirks and a whole social history. My long suffering sausage dog Oliver is often at the receiving end of this, and really isn’t half the gentlemen I have him down as (he has on a number of occasions proven he is not above being a complete grot).


So my first greeting card is a portrait of him, right after we came back from England and had bought him a Festive Christmas Scarf. He sportingly allowed me to pop it on, but that was where his christmas spirit left him, he had indulged me long enough and looked painfully up at me with his ‘aren’t you meant to be the adult in this relationship’ face.

The bad news for Oliver is I have new plans for this year, I think I might hand sew him a lovely christmas pudding hat.

Let’s see how long he politely wears it before burying it in the back of his cupboard.

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