Greek Naming Day Map


One of my favourite things to illustrate is something personal for a celebration and I love learning about cultural traditions along the way. So I was very excited when a lovely lady from Sydney got back into contact, to ask me to hand paint a watercolour map for her lovely husbands Greek Name Day.


I haven’t heard of this lovely tradition so Remonda was happy to enlighten me. In the Greek Orthodox Church, if you are named after a saint or martyr, there is a day of celebration for you on the day dedicated to that saint. Lucky Steven had an entire weekend dedicated to the celebration, so I painted a map to illustrate all of the venues planned for their trip to Canberra.

berry and peg studio

I thought I would share some behind the scenes of my process in my studio. Of course I start with a lovely hot mug of tea as I study the details of the images of the buildings I am to draw, before plotting them out on the page.


I love working with watercolours and mixing my own colours to match the materials and give a real atmosphere to the piece.


The traditional skill of calligraphy, finishes off the illustrations beautifully, hand written massages always mean more I think.


The finished product, ready to be wrapped with care to be shipped off to it’s new home. I always love wrapping things in simple brown paper, tied up with string, something about these simple materials conjures images of Jane Austen or Beatrix Potter sending off their neatly handwritten ink letters of love to family and friends.


No traditional parcel would be complete without a beautiful wax seal to finish it off.




Oh how I wish I had thought of wax seals in time for my own wedding!

And that my friends is what I get up to in my little studio, please note I have not included to innumerable times I had to get up and down to let Oliver the dog in and out or the sea of tea that sustained me throughout.

Love Bec xx