Farmyard Christmas Pudding Heist


Our next tale takes a moment to explain the allegations behind this christmas card design. I was inspired by the look of desperation that clouds the faces (and judgement) of all our pets at this time of year. Those little edible ornaments on the tree, the bowls of glittering gold coin chocolates on the coffee table and the festive guests bringing plates of food, all torment our little friends at every turn. Our pets try to distract themselves by eating the wide variety of non-edible red and green nick-knacks that also seem to appear at this time of year. But they find this seems to upset us too. Looking up pathetically into the faces of the keepers of the food is their only hope, in our house at least Oliver has cannily elected me as the weakest link, one small whimper and a little morsel is always casually dropped in his direction. Others are not so lucky.


This watercolour illustration captures some farmyard friends, who have decided to take matters into their own hands. They are calling it Farmyard Christmas Pudding Heist and the chickens have been plotting for months since those first drops of Brandy went in to the spiced mix of fruity goodness. Now it’s up to ‘the insiders’ to deliver (for only dogs and cats have been granted kitchen access).

This is of course all just a rumour, the mastermind chickens may well be innocent and the dog could have just been passing through the kitchen during the hour of 3-4 when the pudding was taken. Coincidently, the same moment the cat limped into the lounge with his best performance of ‘cat on the cusp of death’ to distract the farmers wife. The fact he had a swift recovery and could run out to the barn after 5 minutes was just luck.

We may never know what happened to the christmas pudding, but a whiff of the dogs breath sure smells of brandy and the glint in his eye suggests it was a raucous evening in the barn. All we have is this christmas card illustration to prove it, head over to my etsy store to get ready for christmas here.




See the original inspiration here.