Day Trip to O’Reilly’s Rainforest


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We are lucky here in Brisbane there are so many places to visit in all different directions, from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast to Toowoomba can all easily be reached for a lovely day out.

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So for our third wedding anniversary Joel and tootled off on a country drive through the hinterland to O’Reilly’s Rainforest walk. The scenery got prettier the further we went, it is a windy drive though so if you are inclined to car sickness sit in the front.

mountain veiw

We stopped off for coffee at the Mountain view Alpaca store half way up the mountain, the view was spectacular right out over the farm land to the coast. There is something about how you always have to have a companion for your alpaca as they don’t cope alone very well, I always find this endearing.



We continued our long winding country drive, admiring the hillside farms.


Turning a corner the green fields soon gave way to lush Queensland rainforest, ferns line the edges of the road, as trees towered overhead.


There are a number of walks for differing fitness levels or time available or you can just have a picnic at the top. The activity centre up at the top of the hill has birds on show and at certain times of the day you can feed the lorikeets, they love people and climb all over you.


We kept our eyes peeled for birds flitting among the trees


The tree top walk was beautiful, you walk right up among the canopy of the trees.


In the rainforest the plants all bustle for space and light, climbing over each other, moss clinging to the sides of tree trunks and roots spring out at all angles. You can see how people were inspired to invent woodland fairies, you can imagine all the little spots they would build their cozy homes.


Here are some links to the places we stopped or places to stay if you are interested in making a weekend of it.

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    1. I love visiting the coast for the day, here at the bay the rolling waves really aren’t as impressive, more millpond territory really! Have you been to Mt Tamborine, my husband and I went and just followed the brown tourist signs to find some pretty special walks, you should go have a picnic and day trip up there xx

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