Creating a gallery wall with a wedding tree


Since we moving soon I am getting itchy, looking around thinking about what I will put where in the new place.

I have decided to continue my current ‘mini’ gallery wall somewhere in my house, but I will have to wait and see which wall looks like it needs the company the most. I want to keep it all black and white, I think this is a nice way of displaying an array of things, with out it looking too hicklety-picklety.  And I found some more lovely vintage black frames at the antique shop the other day for $10!

If you start with a large framed item, and move out from there it looks quite effective. My cornerstone is our wedding guest tree, and I have to say I love looking up and thinking of my nearest and dearest each time I see it.




Wedding trees are an alternative to a guest book, it is a lovely reminder of the guests who helped you celebrate your day and you can hang on your wall as artwork for years to come. We have a guestbook as well, but honestly, we hardly look at it, this makes a lovely keepsake, and can be a thoughtful gift idea for someone else. Since my wedding I have created some for my lovely sister in laws baby shower as well, we hung it in Elsie’s room, she now she knows the people who already love her. It can be good for 80th Birthdays and engagement parties, oh the possibilities.weddingtree

I am quite chuffed with the shape of mine, the leaves have been placed just so, mainly because my sister, armed with her artistic eye and an iron fist, lovingly selected each leaf’s place.

I created one for a friend’s wedding a few months back and as the wedding night digressed certain boisterous guests forgot themselves completely and began plonking their fingers in a very ungentlemanly manner, treating it more as a police suspect sheet, then the delicate artwork it was.weddingguesttree

So now I always draw a guiding tree-line in pencil and include a little sign “Please use fairy fingers and think like a tree when you add your finger print and sign your name” to remind the riff raft of their duty. (I must admit though, I kind of like these jolly, haphazard trees the best as, you get a real sense of the fun had on the night.) So either way you will end up with a beautiful illustration, a collaboration of the special people who made your day and you can hang it on your wall forever.

And I can’t wait to pop mine up in pride of place, amongst all my other treasures, in our forever home.weddingtreedisplay

These hand illustrated trees are for sale, I would love to create something to help you remember a special event, so have a look at my shop and gallery.