Christmas Traditions: Gingerbread House making Competition

Christmas Traditions: Gingerbread House making Competition


If you are looking for something fun to do with friends or family to celebrate Christmas, a Gingerbread house making competition is the perfect way to get a little creative and have a laugh.

You can make the gingerbread house yourself, but lets be honest buying a kits makes for a simpler night! I know a few stores are getting them now, last year both Woolworths and Kmart (for those in Australia, how amazing does Kmart want to be now!?) But we have always gotten our kits from IKEA, they are cheap and easy to put together. Have a look at ikea here. The kits all come with instructions, you can join them together with melted sugar glue or royal icing. We have found the sugar glue although not child friendly, is better because it sets quicker and lasts longer.



So assemble your houses, last year we bought two kits for each team, so we could up the completion and build our own grand design. Dad for instance decided what every self respecting gingerbread man needed was a garage and a sensible log shelter. Mum was fairly thrilled about this addition to her tastefully appointed sugar work.




After assembly you simply have at it with the decorations, our first year we went bonkers with colourful candy but last year we all chose a strictly christmas colours palette and whites. Um, yeah, we probably take this all a little seriously…



Ces and Murray’s gingerbread house


Mum & Dad’s Gingerbread house




Our Little christmas village

Here were our results, we were quite chuffed with them all in the end and it was a night full of good food, good company and giggles. I thoroughly recommend it.