Cheery Tuesday No. 7


bently-and-becSome of the best things in life this week

  1. Warm crusty bread
  2. Learning to garden, somehow as I read the books, I wonder if some form of ‘basic instinct’ is kicking in, because once I read it it all seems so obvious. Now to put it into practise.
  3. Learning to crochet with a friend, I love it when people share traditional skills and crocheting on the couch with the fire blazing in the corner felt very lovely indeed.
  4. Annie Sloan paint, I have been upcycling some furniture and I am in love with it, the colours are so beautiful and rich and then there is no sanding required either, bonus!
  5. When painting with watercolours and something goes unexpectedly wrong, in a way that turns out so right. That is the thing about handmade creations it is the unplanned flourishes that can just finish something off and evoke the human connection we all crave.
  6. A good hedge, a good tangible hedge, so thick and plush you can’t help but to go up to it and wobble it like jelly or brave the sticks to the face to shove your head in it. Also some of the funniest photos.
  7. Bright blue eyes
  8. Seeing a friends holiday snaps on Instagram, every morning you have a little journey to see where they have been and what they have seen.
  9. Going to the post office, it always feels quaint.
  10. Meeting Sarah’s new puppy Bently, I am fairly sure we shared a moment and are the best of friends already, if only Oliver would stop being a bit of a jerk for long enough to appreciate the fun they could have together! (As you can see from the picture above, I appear to be a little more enamoured with him, then he is of me. Give it time)