Cheery Tuesday No.6



It has been a chilly week, and it’s caught us all a little off guard here in sub-tropical Brisbane, you can’t walk into a shop without being quizzed on your take of the weather. So it has been a homely week, and a lovely one at that.

  1. Warm Boots
  2. The sense of discovery in vintage shopping
  3. Watching the great British bake off, I don’t think there is one of my friends who has escaped my clutches and left my house without being subjected to the delights of the marquee.
  4. Going to the library, I am always the only one under 60 there, apart from those in the kiddies section, but it is just the best scouring the shelves to find a gem that you can hardly wait to get home to read.
  5. Collecting twigs for the fire in the crisp evening air, makes me wish I lived even further South, I love the cold. And anything which requires a cane basket is delightful.
  6. Writing in my Journal
  7. Watching the weather reports and the gales battering the trees outside, I am always fascinated by the natural world and the power of the weather.
  8. Joel cooking a Thai Chicken soup to warm us up on a cold Sunday
  9. Farmers in tweed and a classic deer hunter hats-I really hope some things never change and there will always be farmers to continue the country ways.
  10. Listening to ‘Bleeding Out’ from The Art of Sleeping’s new album, our friend Pat is in the band and I am always pleased to see all of their hard work be rewarded. You can listen to it here and we have the album launch party this Friday