Cheery Tuesday No.5


Cheery Tuesday No. 5

Well it has already been a month blogging and I am growing proud of my little online space, here are some of the things to be grateful for this week…

  1. Little quotes that just strike a chord in you, reminding you we are all so different and yet so similar, and more importantly we are never alone.
  2. Our neighbours whipped out their telescope and we peered at Jupiter and her moons it was mesmerising. The crisp night air made even the top of the driveway magical. I always admire my neighbours knowledge of the natural world, they can name patterns in the stars for you and know the latin names for a plethora of plants.
  3. Big soft puppy paws
  4. Good old fashioned family games nights, we laughed till our bellies hurt.
  5. Being über brave and watching the Jurassic Park movies, in the daytime, with knitting to distract from anything too intense and chocolate frogs to console.
  6. Burning scented candles
  7. Starting my yoga again, it is so good to stretch it out
  8. Our build…still starting any day, luckily no amount of waiting will dampen my enthusiasm.
  9. Fresh Rose bouquets, lovely soft pinks and white.
  10. Listening to the Beatrix Potter soundtrack while I paint a watercolour map for a lovely lady in Sydney. The soft classical music really helps me get lost in what I am doing, hours pass like seconds.