Cheery Tuesday No. 4


Things to be grateful for this week;

  1. Putting on toasty slippers after a shower
  2. Giggling at yourself over those fab ideas that visit late at night, but in the cold hard light of morning just don’t seem as obvious or plausible.
  3. Fresh white interiors, so airy, simple and  somehow uplifting
  4. The grass and gardens are so lush and green at the moment after all of this lovely rain, looking out the window with a cup of tea, and the pit pat of rain on the roof is so blissfully cosy.
  5. Freshly washed hair
  6. Elsie running up to hug me with a big squeeze, spending the day with my brother and his two kidlets was just lovely, lots of giggles and treats, it makes me so grateful for my lovely family.
  7. Cadbury’s Black Forest chocolate, if you haven’t tried it yet, leave the house immediately to collect a block. Milk chocolate, crunchy chocolate biscuits and red jelly lollies all got together, and they belong together.
  8. The anticipation of our house build starting any day now! If only the afore mentioned lovely rain would stop.
  9. Pruning the garden, at the moment my garden is a small collection of pots so I never have enough ACTUAL pruning to do, I always end up over enthusiastically clipping around like Edward Scissorhands, until Joel finally restrains me.
  10. Oliver has a new swanky collar, it is tartan with an attachable bow tie, just to take him from day to night. Say what you like, but I enjoy it, he looks adorable (and knows it) so the whole situation is very satisfactory for both of us.