Cheery Tuesday No 3



Just another post on some of the best things in life;

  1. A sunny day after several days of rain, I LOVE the rain, but a bright blue sunny day does lift the spirits
  2. Calling an old friend. Chatting to someone who truly is a kindred spirit just warms your heart and makes you smile. It can be days, weeks, months between chats and it is just like no time at all has passed, we chuckled away like a pair of nuts.
  3. Listening to audio books as I work, now who’s achieving two things at once! Boom!
  4. Sleeping on brand new crispy white sheets.
  5. Morning coffee
  6. Flicking through home magazines for inspiration, I’m excited for the kitchen, my studio, the garden, everything! I’m just feeling so enthusiastic to create this home and share some creative goodness with you.
  7. Proud Wife moment when Joel finished his 100km Brisbane to the Bay for MS bike ride, the poor fellow spent the entire day before preparing. He is an eager maintenance man and got a little overzealous deciding to fix the chain, we have since found out (from various bicycle gurus) that doing this the day before a big ride is lunacy. But he handled himself brilliantly, bless him, tinkering away (read; swearing under breath) for hours. He conquered those pesky chain links and came to bed exhausted at 10. Also less then ideal for a 4 o’clock start the next day.
  8. Walks by the seaside
  9. Spaghetti Bolognese – a simple and highly underrated dish in my opinion.
  10. Having a productive day on Sunday painting the furniture with Annie Sloan paint, I ran out of paint I was on such a roll! Bonus-now I get to go to the Woolangabba Antiques Centre! Hoorah!