Cheery Tuesday No.2


Things that made me smile this week

  1. Wearing baggy, toasty jumpers and long socks
  2. Having a duvet day on Saturday, I was pretty poorly with a cold, but it was pretty great.
  3. Sunshine streaming through the window on a winter morning.
  4. The small, self seeded tomato bush that keeps growing untended on our vacant block of land. We are taking it as a sign of abundance and good things to come.
  5. Our flower pot full of Johnny Jump ups, I love flowers
  6. All the rain we have been having, I love rainy days and they don’t happen often in sunny Brisbane. The sound of rain on a tin roof, is so homely and comforting.
  7. Making a cake to celebrate Sarah’s new job. I always think taking the time* to make something special for someone is a good way to show them how proud you are of them and it is so important to celebrate life’s big achievements in style – and with cake. Sarah is one of life’s efficient people. Need something organised? Well she has probably already done it and had time to curl her hair. It is women like her who have given us this terrible reputation for multitasking. I love how she encourages people to be their best selves, and I certainly stand to attention when she is asking how my small business is going. Her opinion is always an one I trust, so I am positive she will take to her new role as a duck to water-only with much more elegance and poise.
  8. Sketching
  9. Our colour meeting with Stylemaster, it took a little longer then expected, but sitting with lovely views looking over to the city, doing a spot of people watching was actually rather relaxing. I definitely should have asked for that second cup of tea though.
  10. Amazing vegan cupcakes at the West End markets. Now I am a girl who knows her baked goods, having conducted thorough research on countless occasions and these little cakes were the business! The texture was exactly like a crumbly, buttery cake and they had so much flavour. I have decided to make it my mission to learn how to make them…and then to share my findings on here.

*It turns out it is lucky I’m a firm believer that it is the thought that counts, because the cake was, er, rustic. I think I missed a few ingredients too. Happily Sarah didn’t take it as an omen for the success of her new job, my kindly friends nibbled the sides and focused on complimenting the delicious lemon icing. Bless them.