Cheery Tuesday No. 1


This is a blog series, cheery Tuesday, I want to start to help me record all of the lovely things to appreciate in life. It will be full of those small moments that make you smile and give you a warm glow in your heart. Hopefully it will inspire you to sit back for a moment and think of your own cheeries.

  1. Cups of ‘just the right temperature’ tea
  2. The memory of the inspiring garden above, from my trip to Castle Howard near York. It was such a beautiful garden, I am not sure what was my favourite, the big, colourful blooms, like I have never seen before or the fact this garden was where I got to know a very dear friend, who I now think of as my silver lining!
  3. The first swish of the windscreen wipers after rain.
  4. That excited anticipation you get when you first buy a new magazine. Oh, to flip through it quickly for a preview of what’s to come OR should I read it front to back getting ‘turn the page surprises’ along the way? hmmm, sometimes life’s decisions seem a little ridiculous, but I am always disappointed in myself when I don’t have the discipline to do the latter.
  5. My 3 year old niece Elsie, taking orders for tea from us all individually, before toddling off to tell Nanna, exclaiming “you stay there buddies”. Being referred to as buddy by a three year old is just too much cuteness. And then tea followed…bliss.
  6. Getting the flourish just perfect in calligraphy
  7. Re-discovering an old favourite treat, this week it was Woolworths cookies, oh old friends how I have neglected you of late!
  8. Having dinner with one of those great friends, who as they leave you think how lucky you are to have them, both to talk through life’s tricky bits and to laugh with/at.
  9. Re-watching the Great British Sewing Bee, for the moment my plans for becoming the queen of sewing are on hold, due to my strong nesting instincts enticing me to decorate my home to be, but soon, oh the things I will sew! Just this second realised that of course my living room is going to need new cushions! eek!
  10. Rifling through all of my inspiration folders and magazines making final colour decisions, even though as Joel says, we have ended up with a nice selection of “white”. The man lacks vision.