Building our home!

homebuild2Our newest journey together is about to begin, we have bought a lovely block of land by the bay and been sitting on it for a while, to say I am slow to make decisions, would be a serious understatement.

display homes

I have been taking anyone silly enough to agree to come with me to see a plethora of display homes. I have absolutely loved it, seeing the different interior design ideas and finishes, imagining what it would be like to live in one. In true nerdy burger form, these visits were always concluded with a thorough pros and cons list.


But finally a decision has been made, we have decided to go with Stylemaster homes, so we will have to see how it goes. So far the journey has been a happy one. I really wanted a classic Queenslander home with weatherboard, light bright and airy. But I have lived in a pole house before, let me tell you there are little critters who get in everywhere. Living in Australia this includes anything from snakes, spiders, rats, possums and I am not the bravest of souls, I hate things that go bump in the night and ever since hearing about a friend of a friend who found a carpet python in her loo, I have been reluctant to live in another pole house. I know snakes and creepy crawlies in the roof are kind of a given, but I find comfort knowing they can’t ambush me from underneath as well. So slab home it is for us!


Lovely bayside

We have our colour appointment on Friday, and I have to say we have been really enjoying the whole process so far, we have changed around the floorpan A LOT and completely changed the exterior to a more traditional look. Complete with weatherboard and a lovely gable entryway. They have been quite accommodating to all of the changes, the original display home we originally saw is completely unrecognisable.


Joel and I are never ones to shy away from celebrating a milestone, so my lovely friends Nicole and Sarah joined to have a picnic on the block, complete with Champagne (Well bubbly wine, we have just bought a house after all, beer budget over here).

Celebrate champagneSo we spent a lovely afternoon having cheese and wine, enjoying the breeze and discussing our plans!

Just another moment to be thankful for.

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