Dear mum

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Letters from Oliver…

Dear Mum

Well, I am usually a content little chap, but some days Bec tests me!

We went for our usual walk, she insisted on the red string again to keep us together, she is so needy, I tell you. Only through relentless tugging and stopping to smell things, did she eventually get frustrated and give up, and then off the string for me…that trick always works!

I was enjoying a gentle saunter along the beach the breeze in my ears, when I smelt something fishy, I just new immediately Bec would love it!

Mum, I pride myself on my ability to fix with the aroma of the house, Bec tries to make the house smell better, bless her, but she is all about the floral candles, nothing with any real gumption. So I promptly rolled all through the fishy delight.


I turned around triumphantly to show her my work and I was completely gobsmacked as Bec completely over reacted! She started flapping towards me saying ‘no, no , no, dirty’. Honestly she doesn’t have a very sophisticated palette, wouldn’t know a good smell if it hit her in the face, which it did as I bounded up to her.

She was very cross with me, it was back on the string and I was marched straight home. To add insult to injury she plonked me straight into a tub a water and started patting me with some bubbly stuff that smells just as bad as her candles!

You can just never please some people.

I hope you are well and your human has returned from ‘holiday’, I understand your concern at their leaving you with an untrained human. I freak out the moment Bec and Joel get out the suitcases, I stay as close to them as I can, but they still forget me!

Love Oliver xx

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